"Dao - following the path - now drifting in the here and now without constraint in the flow of life, the senses open and follow the thanks of life."

SY Dao - Gerhard SpitalerI have planned to sail on my trip the 3 eight-thousanders of the oceans as a single-handed sailor to ask me the challenges in harmony with nature.

But then it came to my mind to invite you to me. This I will not stand alone at the helm. Your knowledge, views and opinions will be helpful to me to tread through our communication the way.

For decades I have worked with people and made them the pain in my daily work - be it determination or coincidence that I got to know people at the start of my journey for which I put my ship of social organization Sun International as the carrier available and their characters  Wear the world. This information on my sails to enable children in need and children in need education and knowledge by building schools and training teachers.

It's good to feel to be a very small component of the important symbiosis on this Mother Earth, thereby to separate the important from the unimportant things of life and to carry one of the thoughts of Nelson Mandela in the world continues:

"Education is the most powerful weapon to change the world"

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Pferdeklinik Pegasus

„Offizielle Tierärzte der Spanischen Hofreitschule“